Pine Needle Tea

Feeling as rough as a Blackpool donkey? I have been and I was looking for a lift to cure my ills.  A little research led to pine trees, it turns out they have other uses other than just decorative. A pine is almost a whole medicine chest in a tree!  

Pine needles are high in vitamin C and A, and are great at shifting mucous and congestion, sounds just the ticket for a congested head.  So I thought I’d give the tea a try.  

Ideally your pine needles should be young and green, but this is not essential.  When picking make sure you know your picking from a pine tree, and ideally don’t choose one from the roadside. They are easy to identify, you may even have one in your garden.  

Grab a couple of handfuls of needles and chop them up.  Add them to a mug, pour on fresh boiled water and allow to steep for 5 – 10 mins, strain if you wish.  Add a teaspoon of honey, manuka would be be best, then let it soothe your ills.