Damson Plum Cordial

Plums are good but damson plums are exceptional.  My kitchen cupboards are a richer place for having found some damson trees last week. I couldn’t even reach them all, so I had to leave loads on the trees and mourn what could have been!

I’ve already done jam, jelly, cake, pie, gin, so what next? Well I’ve not tried this cordial recipe before so I thought it was worth a try. Delicious by itself but great as mixer too.

The recipe I first used was from a fab book called Booze for Free, but I have changed the quantities slightly to make the syrup lighter.


  • 1kg Damsons
  • 1.1kg Sugar
  • 1.25 litres water

It an easy recipe… simmer the damsons and water for up to 60 mins until their skins are peeling off. Strain through a muslin cloth. Add the sugar to the remaining liquid that’s strained off, simmer this for 3-4 minutes, skimming off any scum that sits on the surface.

Let it cool then pour into sterilised bottles. How easy was that? It  would make a nice gift if given with a bottle of gin this Christmas.


Tartan Fabric Handmade Christmas Cards


Most years I make my own Christmas cards as long as they don’t cost more to make than buy, as sometimes is the case with craft. However everything I had was to hand and the fabric was some vintage scraps I found at the bottom of a box.

So it’s a new departure for the blog, but I thought I’d give it a whirl and there is still plenty of time to make these simple cards and send them before Christmas.


All you need is:
Plain cards or A5 folded in half
Scraps of material
Pinking shears
Thread to match your material
Ideally a sewing machine, (you could hand see if making a few only)


Cut out triangles of your chosen fabric.
Lay them on your card
Sew from top to bottom holding your Christmas tree in place as you go, starting about 1cm above the tree, straight stitch all the way down to about 2cm below the tree, to give it a trunk.


Snip off the ends of thread.
And your done, how easy was that?!