Rosehip Syrup


Once a staple during the Second World War as a drink to stay healthy. That’s because of the vast amounts of vitamins A & C, it’s now becoming a popular again, not just for its health benefits but for it’s lovely flavour

Rosehips are so easy to find and collect and the syrup tastes delicious, no spoonful of sugar required with this medicine! I love saving it for winter and drinking it hot instead of tea, very soothing if you feel under the weather. It does taste lovely on pancakes and drizzled on cakes too.

It’s not difficult to make but you do need a food processor for this recipe. Make sure stalks are removed and rinse the fruit off.


380g Rosehips
500g Granulated sugar

Bring 600mls of water to the boil in a pan. Mince the Rosehips in a food processor, then add to pan of boiling water, cover. Once boiling point is reached again, set to one side for 15 minutes letting it steep. Then pour through a jelly cloth or muslin to strain the juice off. Set that juice aside. Add another 600mls of water in the pan and add the Rosehip pulp, repeat the boiling process. Strain overnight.

Now combine both strained juices (in a pan) if you haven’t already. Add the sugar, heat and stir until sugar is dissolved. Boil for 3 mins and pour into warm sterilised jars. It keeps for about 4 months.


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