Quick Chocolate Prune Brownies


Need a quick chocolate fix? Or need a dessert for dinner? Well these are the answer. Easy to make, rich and satisfying to eat.

Even prune haters like these, as chocolate is the real hero here. The prunes just add to the gooey nature of the brownie and have the added bonus of making them marginally healthy. If you want to make the brownies more ‘grown up’ for a dinner party, then the prunes are a great vehicle for soaking up alcohol such as brandy, Armagnac is best.


150g butter
275g sugar
75g cocoa
1tsp vanilla extract
3 eggs
80g plain flour
100g prunes, chopped

Melt the butter, sugar & cocoa gently in a pan. Transfer to a mixing bowl. While this cools a little, grease a square / rectangular cake tin & with baking paper. Put the oven on 160C.

To the wet mixture add the vanilla essence, and mix in the eggs one at a time. Next add the flour -sifted, mix until you have a smooth batter. Finally throw in the prunes and fold in.


Pour into your prepared tin and bake for about 30 mins. Cut once cooled and enjoy with a coffee. If it’s for a dinner party serve with creme fraiche or marscapone.


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